5 Tips To Make Your First Sale!

Once your store is up and running, its time to generate your first sale. Here are 5 ideas to start the ball rolling:

Start Emailing Your Contacts

Create one pre-launch mailing list in a simple spreadsheet. You can even export contacts from your Gmail or another mail account. Import that lists into a bulk mailing service like Mailchimp. Create a simple mail highlighting your products and tell the world that you’ve launched a new site. It will be a good idea to insert special coupon code. 

Sell To Friends & Family On Facebook

Share your product photos on Facebook and other social networks. Connect with your friends and family on a personal level and tell them about your new venture. If they are not ready to buy, ask them to share it with their network. 

Buy Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising provides a great option to target your product Ad precisely. You can show your Ad to people based on their hobby, lifestyle, gender, location and much more. You might have to keep monitoring the results and tweak your campaign accordingly.

Promote On Google

Google’s Adwords platform is one of the most popular advertising networks. You can display your product to people who are actually searching for it. This increases the chances of a sale. Similar to Facebook Ads, you will need to constantly monitor the performance and finetune your Ad. 

Generate Coupons & Submit Them To Deal Sites

There are a lot of Indian coupon listing sites where you can submit your special discount coupons. People normally search for coupons before buying a product. Most of these sites do not charge any fee for coupon submission.

Remember, your first few sales shouldn’t be about just making profits. They should be about finding your product/market fit, understand the demand. During initial days, your focus should be to refine your advertising, shipping, fulfilment and customer service and shopping experience.

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