Dashboard Settings

To manage your store, go to the Settings in BlueBarrows Dashboard left menu.  A group of settings section is there:

You can manage:

  1. Store
  2. Location
  3. Payment
  4. Shipping
  5. SEO
  6. Store Policies
  7. Store Invoice
  8. Analytics Region
  9. Vacation Mode

Store #

You can manage store basic setting under the Store section:

  • Store Name
  • Store Slug
  • Store Email
  • Store Phone
  • Store Logo
  • Store Banner
  • Store List Banner
  • Store Description

Location #

You can setup Store Location under Location section:

Payment #

You can Set Payment Details under the Payment Section:

Shipping #

Setup your store shipping under the Shipping option. –

Zone wise setting: #

You can have Zone wise shipping rate setup:


You have an SEO option for your store.

Store Policy #

A seller can also update policies under Store Policies section:

Shipping Policy #

Refund Policy #

Cancellation/Return/Exchange Policy #

Store Invoice #

You can update the STore invoice details here.


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