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Studio Nendo is an artisanal brand, focusing on craftsmanship and pure human skill. The brand specialises in handmade ceramic tableware products which are precariously made on the potter’s wheel and finished over a period of several weeks to achieve utmost detail and quality. Nendo is a Japanese word which means sculpting clay. All the pieces are made by trained potter’s using stoneware clay which is then fired at high temperatures in a kiln. Ceramic tableware is known to be the most hygienic tableware to use and lasts a long time. Studio Nendo is a brand for people who adore charm, character and the sheer beauty embodied by handmade products.

Our Story

Studio Nendo was born out of curiosity of a young lady who craved to create something out of her own hands. Founded by Srishti Sindhu, an art college graduate, a graphic designer and after a small stint in advertising nothing satisfied her until she laid her hands on clay. Soon after Studio Nendo came to life creating handmade functional tableware for eclectic homes.

Our Work

Serving Trays and Bowls

Studio Nendo’s serving trays are handbuilt and given their organic shape from flat pieces of clay slabs whereas all the serving bowls are made on the potter’s wheel. Some bowls are carved to give them visual interest and texture while some bowls are embellished with the artists signature brushstroke work depicting wildflowers.

Mugs, Cups and Serving Dishes

Studio Nendo’s handmade mugs are designed to keep your drinks hotter for longer. All the designs are made on the potter’s wheel and all the handles are attached separately to each individual piece of the mug.


Studio Nendo’s handmade ceramic tumblers are a must-have for any household. Using these eclectic tumblers instead of using glass serve ware to add that extra bit of character to your tableware collection. 


Studio Nendo’s jugs are designed, shaped and trimmed on the potter’s wheel. Each jug has its own characteristics and truly one of a kind.

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